How does the vacuum sealers work and can you wash?

Food preservation by vacuum sealers is increasingly popular. Many families and businesses have used vacuum sealer machines to preserve food from invasive bacteria. So, how does the vacuum sealers work and can you wash? Today’s post will discuss more of these concerns.

What is the vacuum sealer and How does it work?

The vacuum sealer operates on the principle of vacuuming air, moisture inside the bag, combined with the sealing process of the mouth of the bag, helping the food to be stored tightly, not being invaded by bacteria or external moisture impact, affecting food quality.

Currently, on the market there are 2 product lines of vacuum sealer machines:

  • Mini Vacuum Sealer has medium suction power, not working throughout, compact, easy to move and suitable for families, small business households.
  • Industrial Vacuum Sealer is equipped with strong suction power, large capacity, operating to produce fast, can suck the air out of many different bags at the same time, rather bulky so it is suitable for large business establishments.

Amazing benefits of vacuum sealer machines

Decrease bacterial growth by 99%

Vacuum sealers not only preserve food simply, but also helps to store food safely and avoid bacteria or insects invading. In the condition that food has been deprived of oxygen and carefully sealed, the bacteria’s growth ability is almost no longer, so it can ensure the safety of users’ health.

Extend the shelf life of food

Vacuum sealing combined with freezing food helps to keep the nutrients and freshness intact, at the same time, increases the preservation time of food up to 3-5 times compared to conventional preservation.

Normally fresh food is stored for a maximum of 1 week in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator and dry foods are stored for 3-5 months in tightly sealed conditions and protected from sunlight.

When you vacuum seal packed food, fresh foods can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 weeks and dry foods can be stored for 1-2 years.

Saving food storage space

A common situation for most families is that there is not much food in the fridge, but there are always no vacancies. The simple reason is that the food is stored in too many plastic bags or boxes …

But with vacuum packaging, the food only needs to be preserved by a layer of protective thin bag and the air is drained so it is easy to arrange. The space of the fridge will be larger and allow for a lot more food.

Moreover, this machine helps you avoid the smells between foods when preserving the refrigerator while saving space, so you can store many different foods for a whole week of work.

What kind of food can you vacuum seal?

You can vacuum seal most types of food:

  • Dry food such as sausages, dried fish, tea, cashews, sunflower seeds, … you can preserve them from 6 months – 2 years. However, you need to store it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, excessive heat, and humidity.
  • Fresh food such as meat, fish, … after washing, vacuuming and freezing, depending on each type you can preserve up to 1-3 weeks.
  • Vegetables, fruits after washed, drained, vacuumed, refrigerated can be kept fresh for 3-4 days.
  • Cooked food that has cooled before being put into the suction bag. Should not be boiled and then immediately put into the bag.

How to clean the vacuum sealer properly

The vacuum sealer machine just like any other product, after a period of use, always needs maintenance and hygiene. The food vacuum sealer is a kitchen utensil, especially when you vacuum sealing fresh foods,  some proteins and bacteria also follow the suction path inside the machine, with many times the number of bacteria will accumulate inside the device.

Another reason is that when you operate the machine, it will suck some air, after 3-5 months will appear a layer of dust clinging inside the machine, reducing the vacuum speed of the machine. As a result, it needs to clean thoroughly to operate faster, better.

The cleaning and checking the overall condition of the vacuum sealer regularly will help extend its longevity. You should use a damp cloth to wipe the outside, making sure to unplug the power source when cleaning the vacuum sealer machine. The vacuum sealing hose and adapter are two parts that you have to clean most carefully.

What should keep in mind when using the vacuum sealers

  • Avoid putting sharp objects in vacuum sealing bags. If you want to vacuum sealing things with sharp corners, you should use wrapping paper carefully before putting in bags to avoid tearing the bags.
  • The machine can work for up to 10 minutes, you also allow the machine to rest for 1-2 minutes before continuing the process.
  • Position the mouth of the bag when you put into the vacuum sealers should be very dry and clean.
  • Use dedicated vacuum seal bags to increase the food protection effect.
  • Avoid dropping, bumping. During operating, you have to place the machine on a flat surface.

Wrapping up

Above are the notes about How does the vacuum sealers work and can you wash, the types of food that can be vacuumed and the time it is stored. Hope you have more useful information.

With the benefits from vacuum seal packaging, families, business units, manufacturing … immediately equip a vacuum seal machine to effectively support the process of food preservation, as well as business.

Tips For Taking Care of and Maintaining Your Cake Turntable

When making a cake, if you don’t have a cake decorating turntable, you’ll probably have to go around your table to decorate all the sides of the cake. The simplest solution is to use a cake turntable. This tool allows you to turn the cake around to help you decorate the cake perfectly. Cake turntable is a significant baking supply for decorating cakes.

However, after using it, you do not know how to clean cake turntable to help protect this decorating tool. In this article, we will show you tips for taking care of and maintaining the cake turntable. Let’s take a look.

What do you need to know about cake turntable?

Whether you are a professional baker or just an amateur baker, cake decorating turntable is always a must-have tool in your bakery set. This tool works great when used as a building and decorating tool.

When placing the cake on a turntable and rotating cake, you can approach and decorate the entire surrounding surface of the cake without having to move. Besides, the cake turntable can also act as a stand on which you place the cake when serving.

A cake decorating turntable usually does not have a certain type. Therefore, you can install cake turntable in a variety of ways with diverse details. Typically, the rotating base is designed from wood, plastic or metal.

Specifically, if the cake turntable base is made from plastic or wood, it has the advantage of being light but not durable. This type is commonly used by beginners.

Furthermore, when the cake turntable base is made of stainless steel, it will weigh a little heavier than plastic and wood, but it will last longer because it is more durable.

This type of base is usually for professional bakers, who are knowledgeable in using and maintaining cake turntable. To help the rotating stand, the cake turntable has a rotating ball bearing made of stainless steel.

There are two types of cake turntable which are detachable and non-detachable. You cannot remove the turntable part from the base if it is the non-detachable cake turntable.

With detachable one, you can separate the top from the stand. This makes it easy to clean the cake turntable, but you will often have trouble reinstalling the parts.

Tips for taking care of and maintaining the cake turntable

As mentioned above, cake decorating turntable is a greatly important tool in the baking set. So, after each use, you need to know how to keep it in good condition because no one wants to invest too much money for a cake turntable. You should know how to take care of and maintain what you have.

An essential part of cake turntable is bearings or spinner. You should focus on maintaining the spinner to keep your cake turntable running smoothly. After each use, you must clean spinner.

You should also clean the bearings regularly as this is considered the most important cleaning task. In fact, you can use a soft or dry soft cloth to wipe away any leftover breadcrumbs.

Moreover, today, dishwashers have areas to clean cake turntable, so using dishwashers to clean cake turntable will both help you clean it properly, and save you time. However, not all dishwashers can clean cake decorating turntable.

You should take some time to consult with the manufacturer or test your dishwasher to make sure it can clean the cake turntable. If you use detachable cake turntable, you will easily disassemble and clean each part of it.

This is the type that you only need to disassemble and put into the dishwasher to clean each individual part. You can use warm water or washing-up liquid while cleaning the cake turntable.

If you want to maintain your cake decorating turntable, you should not use detergents that are highly acidic or abrasive. You should use cleaning products that are recommended by the manufacturer.

Another note in maintaining your cake turntable is bearing maintenance. The bearings must be periodically lubricated to continue smooth operation.

You can lubricate, lubricate bearings two or once per year with oil brands recommended by the manufacturer. If you hear jammed sounds when you are rotating the cake turntable, it is time to add a little oil.

As you know, cake turntables have a weight limit of up to 7 pounds. Therefore, in order to maintain the quality of cake turntable, you must not place any cake that exceeds the specified limit. This will make the stand under great pressure and the bearings will not flow smoothly.

Final words

In short, to maintain your cake turntable, you only need to clean and maintain it regularly and properly. That being said, make sure the washing-up liquid and oil brands you use for cleaning cake decorating turntable are appropriate.